Rescue Attempt Continues in Flood-Struck Areas of Rio State

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  1. [​IMG]The Brazilian military and rescue services are continuing to battle tough conditions in an attempt to save lives in flood-hit Rio de Janeiro state, as the death toll passes 500.
    Tourists heading to Rio de Janeiro city are being urged not to panic or to change their travel plans, with the undeniably horrific floods affecting the mountainous region to the north of the city, and not Rio de Janeiro itself.
    The mountain towns of Petropolis and Teresopolis, popular destinations for tourists, have been devastated in the floods, along with numerous neighboring towns and communities.
    Continued rainfall has hampered rescue attempts, with vehicles unable to pass through the floodwaters, and some 40,000 of the surviving homes remain without electricity. The situation is disconcertingly similar to the flash floods of 2010, which devastated several areas of Rio.
    Newly-instated Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff visited the area today (Friday) and has promised R$780 million in funds in aid to the stricken areas.

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