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    I was fortunate (lucky) enough to get upgraded on a Republic operated Q400 out of IAD over the holidays. The last time I flew a Q400 was before the demise of Colgan, on an aircraft not equipped with First seats. When did the Q400 fleet start getting First seats, and is this something they're doing to the entire fleet? SeatGuru has three different versions of the UA Q400, but none show First. I also noticed a huge empty space starting at the lav and extending all the way past the boarding door and 1A (ending at 2C/2D). It looked like it was being used to store crew bags, but it seemed like a pretty big waste of space. Is this present in lieu of seats to comply with scope regulations, or is there some other purpose behind it?

    I had not previously flown on one of the "NextGen" Q400's, and this was actually a pretty nice ride. 2A was a comfortable place to be (as comfortable as you can be on a regional flight), and the NextGen model seemed a lot quieter than the previous generation 400's and the 200/300's. Kudos to the Republic crew too... very friendly and professional.
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    The upgrades to those aircraft to include first class were announced in late 2011, and they started implementing the changes in early 2012. Some of the aircraft were flying with first class seats while Colgan was still UA's Q-400 operator. From what I can tell, it appears that they may have completed many, if not all, of the retrofits during the down time those aircraft had in their transition from Colgan to Republic.

    As for SeatGuru, it is frequently not up to date and often just plain wrong on some things.

    The "wasted space" you refer to is actually a cargo hold, which is accessible from both inside the cabin and outside the aircraft. Look at the right side of any Q-400 with any airline and you'll see a cargo door located just in front of the emergency exit window on that side. This isn't a UA-specific configuration; it's just how the aircraft is designed.

    Yes, the next generation Q-400s are pretty nice inside. Most of the changes are just cosmetic, though. The ride on those aircraft really isn't any different than it is on the older style Q-400s. The next generation aircraft basically get some interior changes, including new lighting and overhead panels, and somewhat larger overhead bins. It's essentially the same interior package Bombardier started putting on the CRJ-700s and 900s a few years ago. I do prefer the next gen aircraft because there are a lot of bags that will fit in the overhead bins on those aircraft that won't fit in the slightly smaller older style bins – much the same way that the CRJ-700 next generation bins are a bit larger than those on the older CRJ-700s.
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