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    Reposting here to see if I can get some thoughts...

    I've had a Citi TY Preferred Card (or predecessor) for 15 years. It's my oldest CC account and it carries no fee, so I see no particular reason to close it. However, I'd really like to be able to transfer my TY points to American (and other partners), so I need a Prestige or Premier card. I received an email from Citi offering to convert my card to a Premier (which offers better rewards anyhow) and to waive the $95 fee. However, there was no offer for the 50K points unlike if I applied and opened a new premier. I'd prefer not to open another account if I don't have to (my credit is excellent but I've had a number of inquiries in the last 6 months, so I'd prefer not to take another hit), but it seems silly to pass on the 50k points. Does anyone know if Citi might offer the 50k points in exchange for upgrading the card? Or, if I apply for a new premier, whether Citi will allow me to consolidate the new premier with the old preferred? Many thanks for your thoughts!
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    Apply for the Citi card of your choice, I have had more than one Cuti card at the same time,

    Truth is the easiest ways to get miles is to apply for another card.

    My Goal is to get miles for travel...

    Just go for it...

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