Report: EWR BDO's targetted Mexicans

Discussion in 'Travel Security' started by Gargoyle, Jun 13, 2011.

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    An internal federal report finds the BDO's (TSA Behavior Detection Officers) at EWR focused so much on Mexicans that their resentful colleagues called them "Mexican hunters".

    The report says their managers directed them to concentrate on whether Mexican or Dominican passengers had proper visas or passport stamps, instead of looking at overall passenger suspicious behavior. Any other TSO's who disagreed with this procedure were told managers that they were not team players.

    From the article:
    "Mr. Chevere (a BDO manager) would say things like, ‘We need activity or (FSD) Barbara Powell will say we are not an important layer of security,’ " Master BDO Tiarah Wallace was quoted as saying."

    So it's all about looking like they were doing something, rather than actually doing something.
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