Renzi allows fewer ZTL passes

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  1. Florence has always had a problem of traffic in the city center. When the buses used to pass by the Duomo, the traffic was even worse paired with all the tourists trying to get a perfect shot of the Duomo. Mayor Renzi has now limited traffic through the center even more. After closing off Piazza del Duomo, he is now limiting the amount of permits for cars to pass through the city limits of the center of Florence. Florence has around 372,000 residents who live within the city limits and also they have vehicles. Florence is said to have the largest city limits or limited traffic zone (Ztl) in Europe. It is incredible because the city center is so small. Why must there be so many cars? Now there has been a reconstructing of the how the passes will be given out. At the moment, the city has given over 50,000 passes to car owners for the Ztl. Mayor Renzi has already said NO to over 100 applications to obtain a permit for the Ztl. Two of the city council members have given up there Ztl passes to set an example to other members. Soon as I have written before, Renzi would like to make Florence a green city. Bringing in only electric cars into the center and creating greener areas in the city to relax in and to bring more of the nature of Tuscany into a bustling city.
    A warm spring day in Florence
    Information sourced from The Florentine.
    Photo Credit: Katie Greenaway

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