Renewing Award reservation for 14 days...

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    That might be a familiar issue - I'm 30k miles short for an award reservation in OnePass currently. Miles from CHASE UR will only post by 08/17 (just confirmed that with rep) and my reservation will expire 08/08 I already asked for a one-time extension..

    What are strategies to keep this flight available (just one flight, one person but a direct flight which is booked in F most days before and after in October).

    Here is what I came up with so far:

    - whine to award reservation 3 more times to bridge the remaining days?

    - make a booking online (hotline is closed) just after reservation expires but when do they really expire midnight Central/ Eastern Time and are seats available immediately?

    - transfer miles from other programs? (Starwood is prohibitive, AMEX I'm already advancing max points)

    Any ideas appreciated!
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    I wonder if as a CO Plat (ie. no fee to cancel), -- one could make the reservation & then cancel it, in order for it to be rebooked out of your a/c when the miles are there?!

    Obviously there is no 'guarantee' that the cancelled ressie will put the seats back in the reward bucket! Also, if it's an F seat & someone is wait-listed for same -- it could go to that person once it's released from the cancelled res!

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