Reload this Page 2.25% cashback on Amex Gift Cards, but changes in fees.

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    Bigcrumbs just bumped the cash back up to 2.25%!! Even higher than the black Friday 3 day special. Special shout out to Judy who was my referral for posting about the jump in cashback over black Friday weekend.

    Do not use a coupon code when purchasing using the fee free promotional codes otherwise you will not get cashback. Use code WRAP12P for free standard shipping, and a backup code for free shipping is AFLQ42012. For business you can use AFLQ42012 for $5.95 off shipping.

    My BigCrumbs Referral Link

    For personal Amex Gift Cards the max per order is $5k. So I would suggest to maximize purchasing a $3k and a $2k card since there is a flat $3 shipping.

    $5k * 2.25% = $112.5

    $112.5 - $3.95 fee - $3.95 fee = $104.60 back per transaction

    Business Amex Gift Cards

    $75k * 2.25% = $1687.50

    $1687.5- $98.75 fees = $1588.75

    I do receive a commission for anyone who uses my link, but will help provide any answers regardless if someone uses my link or not.

    I also suggest not purchasing what you cannot liquidate. AZ payments provide a fee free way to liquidate up to $3k per month. Bluebird you can purchase vanilla refills a drug stores for a nominal fee. Max load for BB per card is $5k.

    Williampaid has a flat rate of 2.45% to help liquidate if you want to do some research.

    In my opinion this is a great way to boost your SPG Amex spending. You maybe be taking a risk when changing your monthly spending habits with Amex. I do not know how prevalent financial reviews are on here. This is a great opportunity to get spending on your Amex Cards for points and put a little money in your pocket. There are several easy methods of liquidating these cards right now and in the end you are gaining points and liquidation methods allow for a bit of cash back.

    I do want to warn that the two day shipping is dropped off at my door step. So keep that in mind. If anyone want to chime in with any mistakes or extra input go for it. The bonus posted on my Bigcrumbs account within days of reviving my gift cards. Cash back with Bigcrumbs is sent faster than any other cashback service.

    I've yet to see any mention of this information on the blogs, but would appreciate a shutout to Judy who originally announced the black Friday. Seems after the Amex small business Saturday and now this.. exciting to have some great deals out there to boost spending and earn some SPG points and money in my pocket from the cash back.

    Maybe others can chime in with their experiences of using services like other payment services that charge 2.4% fee, and also the limits per month for personal and business gift card orders.

    Looks like the point gods have been well to us this season!! :D

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