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    While the hierarchical nature of forums, sub-forums, and threads is analogous to a physical world (of filing cabinets, floors/rooms in a building, etc), there are things we can do to transcend that in the virtual world.

    I suggest adding the ability to apply tags to threads and/or the ability for users to see "related" threads.


    1. If I am viewing a thread about a fare deal to a certain destination, it would be useful to see related Travel/Dining threads for that destination.

    2. If I am viewing a thread about a promotion, it would help to see threads for similar promotions from the past.

    3. If I am reading about an airport lounge run by one airline in an alliance, it'd be useful to have links to threads about other lounges in the alliance/airport.

    These are just off the top of my head. You might have better examples!

    Thoughts on this idea?
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  2. Tagging is great for advertising revenue,(building traffic) as well as search.

    The problem with tagging is most people don't use it in a forum.
    You see higher use of it in Blogs and other places where they want to promote it :p
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    I like the idea of tagging pulling up related searches, but get Piqaro's point about most people not tagging...or those using it to promote their own interests. Perhaps there is a way it could be done automatically using similar algorithms that choose ads?
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