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    Back in early 2010 ANA changed their website a bit, removing access to partner award searches for members without points in the ANA Mileage Club program. There is a workaround available by searching first for an ANA-operated route and then choosing the "Use Star Alliance Member Airlines" button but that’s a bit annoying. When the change first happened I made a GreaseMonkey script to similarly work around the issue. At some point, however, that stopped working and I got caught up in other stuff and fixing it kept getting pushed off. Well, it finally bubbled back to the top of the task list; a new script is now available!
    Here’s what the site looks like without the script installed:
    And here’s what it looks like with the script enabled:
    As you can see, I altered the text a bit so you can see clearly that the script is enabled. Should the page change again hopefully I won’t be so derelict in getting an update published. I’ve also updated the name of the script and reset the version number to 1.0.0. You can remove the older script if it is still installed; it will not see future updates.
    Also, for users of the Chrome browser, apparently Google decided that anyone who wants to publish scripts for their browser has to use their store. I’m not inherently opposed to that interface but I’m a bit miffed that they are charging $5 to folks, even those who want to give away their content, to register with the store. I’m not particularly inclined to give them the $5 so that means Chrome users have an extra step in the install process; the instructions are here. If that’s too difficult for y’all I’ll suck it up and give google the cash but I’d rather not.
    I’ve tested on a few systems and browser versions and things are looking pretty good so far. If anyone runs into trouble let me know.
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