Regus Is Now Participating with the AA AAdvantage offer a New Way to Earn AAdvantage Miles

Discussion in 'American Airlines | AAdvantage' started by aadmiral, Jan 11, 2012.

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    I have never used Regus. What is the value of this relationship with AA and how can it improve my travel experiences?
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    Regus will appeal to a segment of business travelers, but not all. For me, mostly it's good for doing business while on vacation.

    I find Regus beneficial in two ways: 1) when I want an actual office setting to work in when I am not staying in a hotel, and 2) when I am meeting business associates in a city where my company does not have offices and I don't want to meet at the client offices (neutral ground).

    For example, when I am in Rio I stay with family, but that can be a less-than-ideal work environment, so I try to consolidate my work into a block of hours and book a private office at Regus (which has quite reasonable rates, I think). It helps me to maximize and generally reduce the time I spend working so I can get back to the vacation.
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    Interesting, in the same day that AA/Regus story moved on marketwatch, I got a very similar offer as a La Quinta Inns "Gold" member in the U.S. mail today. Same complimentary "Regus Businessworld Gold" membership that I guess I could claim either as LQ "Gold" or AA "Platinum," but rather than getting 5 or 7 miles for every dollar spent, with LQ it's a 10,000 or 25,000 LQ bonus for one of two office packages Regus is selling.

    I then went to Regus' web site and found they have parterships with a bunch, including Ethiad and Delta's Crown Room. Clearly they are pushing this to the frequent-travel crowd, which obviously makes some sense. Doubt it's right for me personally, but it may be for others.
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