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    KivaDo 2012 has come and gone. It's been about a week now and I'm only starting to absorb the impact of what our participation and partnership with Kiva has accomplished.

    Back in this post I commented that what we've done so far has made a difference. I believe this even more today. I was trying, rather unsuccessfully, to describe to my regular cohort of friends and co-workers what we did in SFO. It was difficult to convey, simply because most people have never heard of microcredit / micro finance. And though I was able to explain more or less what that's all about, it's exceedingly difficult to also explain the concept of a Do to a bunch of folks who don't understand flying the way we do.

    So I ended up by saying I went to SFO to do some charitable work (which is true in a sense) and that we left SFO having made the world a slightly better place.

    And it's this last bit that heartens me. Aside from our little money bomb (perhaps not so little now that we've topped $500,000 for the month of March and we're still going ...) I really think we opened our eyes to what potential Kiva has as well as introducing Kivans to a slightly different way to thinking about problems and issues.

    There will be the age-old issue of how to keep momentum going now that we're all back to our normal routines. I know that I still owe a few Kivans some thank-you emails as well as a few follow up questions that I've thought up in the time since our Do. And whatever comes of my queries, I'll certainly try to post here to further the discussion. But if the only real lasting outcome of this Do is to lead to a second Do, then I will still consider things to be a success.

    The Nerdfighters team is clearly up and coming and to them I say "Bravo!". Keep it coming. They may well top us in total loans and I'm fine with that. This is after all, not a competition for the biggest team nor the most loans made nor the highest amount of money loaned out. But it is challenge to see how we can all work best to make the world a better place by loaning to those who need it most. With Kiva leading the way, all teams can pull together to accomplish this. And I think through our Do, we've demonstrated to Kiva that they should clearly continue to lead the charge, but they can also lean on all their lending teams for much more than donations.

    Perhaps our Do was a simple act of opening a door for Kiva and gently inviting them to step through it. And if that's how we can help make the world a better place then I will gladly sign up for the next Do and the one after that and the next one again then thrice three more.

    It's not every day you can claim that you made the world a better place. But last weekend, I really think we did. I am privileged to have spent it with those who were there, and with those who weren't but are still a part of Milepoint Kiva team.

    So thanks everyone. And happy loaning!
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    No offense to our friends the Atheists, but Amen brother.

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