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    After a tortured year of travel as a Silver, I just received my promotion to Gold. Let me tell you, being Gold may not feel like much until to you lose it. Check-in lines with zillions of amateurs and boarding in Zone 1 has been a difficult pill to swallow. Thankfully I've been Pre-check 100% of the time, but still I've had to hang my head in shame, until now. This morning I woke up to my promotion letter, not really, but it was a thrill to see Sky Priority back. I am never going to take it for granted, again!
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    Congratulations! Sometimes I think it's better to be ignorant and not know what we are missing than to know it and miss it. Glad you were able to get it again. :)
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    Yes... the lovely bright red label in the app, in the web login and the word SKY on the boarding pass....

    I recall some years back when I first hit Silver not very long.
    I was on a SIN to US trip and in one of the US domestic leg, I miraculously got a complimentary upgrade while checking-in (at Singapore) and I had SKY throughout all the segments (starting from SIN).
    I thought (wrongly) that this is the life of Silver and I was so proud of my Silver status....
    Boy, was I wrong... On the way back to SIN from the US, without looking at the boarding pass, I tried clearing security using the Sky Priority lane ... <DENIED>
    Thought it was a glitch and tried to board with SKY.... <DENIED> and only then did I realise that the outgoing flight was the fluke...
    Silver is really just about the free check-in which is not a biggie since I fly international mostly.

    Yeah... to get back on the topic... I know what you mean about the relieve of getting Gold and the "express" security and boarding
    Lounge access on international itinerary is great too :)
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    Heh! With that title, I thought you meant, you'd actually redeemed from PHL to FCO for less than 635k, and it was all in J....
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