Redemption fuel surcharges on non USA *A partners

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm a newbie on the Aeroplan program. I have searched for my answers but there seems to be conflicting answers on this matter.

    Have a ton of AMEX MR points to transfer and I would have transferred it to Continental if not for the excise tax of $99. Can anyone speak from recent experience if Aeroplan collects fuel surcharges on non USA *A partner redemption (i.e. on Singapore airlines etc)?

    SQ fuel surcharges are nasty =( That's where Continental points show their value. Appreciate any input. Am also open to any ideas on transferring to other MR partners as well (i.e. NH, South African etc)

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    If you have specific routings in mind you can check out the price of the surcharges on the Aeroplan website provided that you are a member. Just click through to book. You will then see the details of the taxes and surcharges.

    Generally speaking, AE only charges fuel surcharges on AC flights. The one exception that I've heard for that is that LH flights can sometimes end up with a fuel surcharge due to their profit sharing with AC. I was just playing around with it looking for such instances and came up empty though. So it is quite possible that I am just going senile.
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    If you intend to cash in for AC flights, then even the excise tax is worth paying since you'd pay at least that much for a single AC award ticket using AE miles. On an AC award using CO miles, the taxes and fees will be limited to the airport fees in Canada and little else. (So you'd be looking at perhaps $160 using AE miles for the same ticket that is likely to cost just $40 using CO miles.) But neither program charges very much for other STAR award tickets, so that makes little difference. But IIRC the major drawback to a CO transfer is that MR to CO miles is about 75% versus MR to AE miles is 100%. And if you are not in now hurry (I know the end of this month is the last time you can transfer to CO), Amex has had a 25% bonus for MR to AE transfers once a year.

    As for LH, I have recently redeemed with both CO miles and AE miles, and the fees were about the same, about $220 for a business or first class ticket across the Atlantic.

    In this case, though, I'd say AE wins hands down. I have some MR points and collect CO/UA miles, but have decided not to do a transfer into my CO account, the numbers just don't make sense.

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