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    American Express Publishing often offers a promo for companion airline tickets for trying their magazines, but that offer doesn't yield good results for most people. It's usually not based on the cheapest airfare. I stay away from that offer.

    This offer for a $50 hotel card seems a bit more realistic. I'm sure that some of the hotel prices might be higher than other booking options, and I've not fully investigated how the rates compare. But the redemption site does advertise a low price guarantee and utilizes the Expedia Affiliate Network, so maybe the rates are in line. After applying a $50 hotel card from the above offer, though, there are definitely some rates that would seem quite favorable. I wouldn't expect to get any hotel points from most stays, of course.

    The rate searches then take place on, and I've seen other offers to purchase these hotel cards through several daily deals websites. (Google for "thehotelcard deal" to see some past samples.)

    In my second rate search, I even found an SPG business hotel for several dollars less than the rate on SPG -- before the $50 discount and after taxes/fees. The same rate was offered on Expedia with another couple dollars less in fees. I'll keep it in mind for a possible SPG BRG claim.

    Cost to get the $50 hotel card with the above Amex Publishing offer: $2.99 and a trial subscription to a magazine that will auto-bill if you don't call to cancel.

    The FAQ on the redemption site says that there may be a 2-night minimum stay for $75 cards and a 3-night minimum stay for $150 cards. There doesn't seem to be any such restriction on the $50 cards.

    The agency handling these is Destination Ventures International.

    Is there anything here that I'm missing? Any experience with these cards and the vendor for hotel-only reservations?

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