Redeem SW points for International Flights ?

Discussion in 'Southwest Airlines | Rapid Rewards' started by Gacspeech, Apr 21, 2013.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Hello! I'm a newbie, both to MilePoint and to this whole idea of churning cards/earning FF points. I'm enjoying reading all the threads here. I'm hoping you all wouldn't mind helping me out. I received a targeted offer from SW for the 50000 pts with $2000 spend. I noticed in the "exclusive card member benefits" section of the offer, it says, " Redeem for International Flights." Huh? I didn't think SW was part of any alliances or anything? Then, I checked and it says to click on the " More rewards" butoonnon the Chase website and you can use them to get international flights? Has anyone done this? Is it easy to find choices of flights you want (I would use them to go to Europe mostly)? Do you need tons and tons of reward points to redeem them?

    I'm just trying to figure out if I should I apply for just this card (since for my domestic flights I always use SW anyway). I would like to get a few cards rather than churn a whole bunch. Right now I just have the CapOne Venture cash-back card. I would probably pick up a Chase Sapphire Preferred and a Starwood Preferred Guest too (apply for those in June). Or, maybe skip the CSP if I get the SW card instead? Is there a reason to do/not this? Are they (the SW points) not really as valuable/transferable as a CSP and SPG when redeeming for international flights?

    Thanks for any tips and I look forward to reading and learning more about this. :) THANK YOU.
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    Since you already fly Southwest, then the 50K pt bonus will be a great deal for you! The best use for those points will be on domestic Southwest flights. When you start planning an overseas trip, you'll find that other programs will deliver much more bang for the buck.
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    One of the ways to make this redemption right now is converting SW points to Airtran Credits. 50K points is just over 27 credits and 16 credits gets you a round-trip flight on Airtran, whose destinations include Aruba and Bermuda. Also, Airtran offers a flight on ANY carrier for 100 credits, but it's a HORRIBLE deal. There are some good analyses out there of SW points vs. SW/Airtran Credits... and even converting to SW old-style rewards (capacity controlled).

    IMHO, 50,000 SW points could be useful, but it all depends on your travel patterns.
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    The SW site shows that we can now book on Airtran's route to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, but I've yet to be able to price that route on the website...

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