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    Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic Airways and Virgin Australia have announced that they are now FFP redeeming partners. Members have been able to earn miles on all three airlines since 2010 and now members can redeem across the network of Virgin carriers as well.

    For example, Virgin America Elevate members can redeem for roundtrip flights from the East Coast to London on Virgin Atlantic starting at 15,000 points and from the West Coast starting at 25,000 points. Flights from Los Angeles to Sydney on Virgin Australia (beginning March 22) will start at 40,000 points.

    Note that taxes and fuel surcharges on partner flights are required. A roundtrip coach class ticket from Boston to London is 15,000 points plus $650 in taxes and fuel surcharge on Virgin Atlantic.

    Elevate members will need to call the service center at 877-359-8474 to redeem points for flights on partner airlines. To view the points required for a flight to a specific destination, visit
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    The rates are pretty crappy, especially if you are flying on VA and connecting to VX for a domestic add-on. We're talking 100,000 points for ORD-LAX and 150,000 for JFK-LAX. Pretty ridiculous.

    The 35K UC award from the east coast to LHR isn't bad, though the $1100 "taxes and fees" component is pretty brutal. Even worse is the $650 in fees on the 15K award. With the base fares as low as $100-150 round trip paying the 15K points just to save that is a really bad idea.

    On the plus side, the entire redemption chart - all 1400ish rows of data - is available as a single XML file from the VX website. That made the analysis pretty easy. More details on the rates and some of the quirks in the charts can be found here.

    ETA: Stacking a pair of VS awards JFK-LHR + LHR-SYD gets that option for 120K points + $2100 in fees. Slightly better, but still not great.
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    I would agree that most rates are pretty crappy but at least it opens up another way to Get to Oz for free or close to it! I think this offer is actually better for VA and VS frequent flyers for they can redeem points for cheap within the USA and without all the surcharges!

    Also Point tip 30% Memebership reward point to VX right now. So transfer ~124K MR rewards points to Vx, + less than 1K for a Business class seat to Sydney from LA. Just an option :)

    Wrote all about it on my blog. But yes, overall the redemption are pretty crappy, especially in coach!!

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