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    Hello all!

    New to the forum and new to the idea of maximizing out FF/Reward programs.

    I was hoping I could get some recommendations from those of you that are more experienced than I on what cards etc I should apply for that would potentially get me the best results.

    A bit of information about me that may help.

    I travel regularly but mainly regionally. Regularly by my definition is two/three days every other week.

    There is a fair mix of flying and rental cars.

    Local airport: RDU
    Currently a member of most airlines FF programs. Delta is by far the most used but have not flown enough lately to maintain my past silver status.

    Hotel Programs:
    HHonors: Gold level (I took advantage of a website offer for a free 1 year Gold offer)
    Marriott: Gold level (this is the chain I have used most heavily in the past but only reason for my staying with them is the amount of points I have which is currently 90,500)
    Starwood: Just recently picked this up when staying at a Westin.

    Rental car:

    Credit cards:
    AMEX Premier Rewards: I use this one for everything that accepts AMEX.

    No other cards with any sort of rewards/special offers.

    Credit score across all 3 agencies is approximately 740.

    Credit card churn: Not opposed to it. I'm still reading up on it to determine pro's vs con's.

    Monthly credit card spending: $3000 - $4000

    If there is any other information I can provide that will help let me know.

    Thank you in advance for any advice!
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    such a broad question! Where to start? Maybe you could subscribe to some of the daily blogs on the subject. Like or Gary's There are many many more. Read a little everyday and ask some specific questions once in a while. With your spend rate and travel amounts, i think you can do very well traveling in your free time as well as being more comfortable on your business travel. Good luck and safe travels!
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    Welcome, I won't suggest any cards as I have my current faves.

    I would suggest with the travel you do, stick with ONE airline & ONE hotel program as much as your travel
    budget will allow.
    so perhaps this is where booking an international leisure trip(s) or doing some MRs (Mileage Runs) might make sense for you to get to the next status level with Delta. I've always strived to get to the tier at an airline that gets me 100% bonus miles on any revenue tickets I fly. So that regional business travel you do can really start to add up with the 100% bonus.

    I can recall being a regional road warrior and consistently being in the 70-80k range of miles flown annualy, it is sad I did not know or think about mileage running or booking an international trip as I could have become a 100k miler flyer with all the added perks that come with that level of flying.:(

    I'd also figure out a goal. Is it for first or biz airline travel or to stay at an inspirational property you'd never pay money to stay at?
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    Welcome to MilePoint.

    What are your travel goals?
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    HaveMilesWillTravel and Sweet Willie are spot on. You need to provide us your goals to get the best advice. ;) Your current status and points, while useful, are not always important. For example, you say you have 90K Marriott points and Gold status. Well, I started out with Hyatt Gold Passport from scratch in February, and I now have top-tier Diamond status and 130K points. If you identify a program you like, you can go from zero to the top very quickly assuming you have a good game plan.
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    Welcome to Milepoint. As others has stated, it is best to pick one hotel chain and one airline to maximize your benefits and gain status quicker. You should certainly use a credit card that benefits the hotel or airline that you want to use. Remember to pay for everything you can on the card as the points will add up quickly. Sometimes if you are close to an award level it's worth paying property taxes, income taxes or other expenses on the credit card even though they will cost you a small percent as a fee for using the card. Keep in mind that the best perks come from higher status and low status has very few benefits. Good luck.
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