Recommendations for my friend I travel with to work on Asia reward ticket?

Discussion in 'Other Credit Card Programs' started by LAM, Jul 8, 2012.

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    The person I regularly travel with is not a cards/points persons. I would like to make some suggestions to them so we could afford a two week trip to Asia as our next big trip. I am slowing working to accumulate enough points that I will have enough miles for an economy or business ticket to Asia. There are several limitations for this person. They don't make a lot of money, they cannot afford to spend $1,000 a month of spending requirements for cards such as the Sapphire Preferred, they don't pay utilities except cell phone, their rent is paid in cash (landlord's preference), not a lot of extra cash to do some of the more exotic things such as the US Airways Grand Slam, and they don't travel for work so not a lot of chances to spend a lot on cards each month. I know they have a Freedom card. Any suggestions to work on getting enough points for an economy ticket to Asia in about 1.5 years? I will probably cover all of the hotels with my points.
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    There are cards that don't require a minimum spend, such as the Barclays' US Airways Mastercard. You can perhaps add to the US Airways account with the Grand Slam promo (should it come back, don't have to go all-in). The card is also churnable. If you just need the points for a US-Asia economy ticket over the course of 1+ years, that should get you there.

    Or, put aside about $100/month and buy the ticket with cash.
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    As HMWT suggests, US Airways might be your best bet. One each regular and business card is 65K miles and you might be able to fill in the rest the lower hanging fruit from the Grand Slam. Or you try to get the regular card twice for 80K (not sure if that's still possible). These cards award points on first purchase.

    Otherwise, if your friend really doesn't spend any money -- not enough to make the minimums on a few cards -- it will probably be pretty hard to accrue that kind of mileage.
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