Recommendation for BUF-Niagara ground transportation.

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    Hi All,

    Looking for a recommendation for ground transport for 3 folks from BUF - Niagara (Canadian side). I see on BUF website "A touch of class" and "Buffalo Limousine Service".

    Any recommendations, suggestions which is the best way to go?

    Many Thanks!
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    When we went last year, we just rented with National. There wasn't a exec aisle, it was all counter service, but they guy just looked at my account and read off what he had and asked what we wanted. It's counter service, but there was no objection with anything we asked for. We went back and forth across the border several times between our sightseeing trip and visiting family cottages on the Canadian side. I can't speak for limo services, but if you haven't been up there before, a rental car will let you see much more. You should absolutely take some time and visit Niagara on the Lake, but you probably want a car to get there, plus the flexibility of being able to pull off and sight-see along the way (if that's what you're going for).
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