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    Have an a GF award for June ZRH-FRA-SFO-TUS in which I lost the SFO-TUS leg with yesterdays schedule changes (moved it up 2 hours earlier which left before I arrived SFO). This is the only flight to TUS and there was no other routing that night via wherever on either UA or US, so had a pretty serious scheduling issue to get home.

    As some of you might know, I have been very disappointed with the newUA for several reasons, and not helping me with schedule changes (or irrops) is on the top of the list. Thus, I have made a personal decision to move my business with another airline and just burning miles now with the newUA.

    So, not having much hope I called the “premier” line (I have dropped from 1K to Gold this year) and explained the situation and asked them once again for their help for a solution. I let the agent on her own spend several minutes trying to find a routing from ZRH-TUS, knowing there was nothing with O or I inventory.

    After a couple of minutes I told her the only thing I can find that will get me home that night is if somehow a supervisor can open up O inventory on an earlier FRA-SFO flight. She nicely said, “let me put you on hold and talk with her” and off she went. Less than 5 minutes later she came back and said, my supervisor has agreed with opening up inventory for you on this flight, so let me get working on changing your PNR.

    Man, I couldn't believe it from past experiences this year. It truly reminded me of past experiences pre-merger and damn, it felt good for a change to have UA on my side.

    So, just wanted to share a good experienced yesterday with UA instead of focusing on the past bad ones.
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    Getting UA inventory forced open usually isn't too hard. Partners, on the other hand, are nearly impossible.

    Glad to hear they took care of you here.
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    I have experienced the same kind of improvements in customer service since late last year. Thought it was because I finally made 1K, so I'm really glad to hear that it may be a change in the company attitude overall.

    Outside of regularly losing/destroying baggage, I'm very happy with UA again. Coming from CO, I always thought they had the best agents in the business, but I have found the pmUA agents to be equally professional and helpful. To me, that is their biggest advantage.

    Although I have read stories to the contrary recently, AA (my preferred airline for the previous 15 25 years) was absolutely dreadful with customer service. It was actually a problem that involved their VP of Customer Relations that finally ran me off.

    While there are very notable exceptions within both airlines, UA does seem to be far better at understanding the importance of treating customers like we have value than did AA when I finally flew the coop in 2009.
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    While it wasn't opening up Global First space, I recently had a schedule change on an all UA-metal award ticket that would've caused a misconnect. I had checked online and there was no award space available on either of the later nonstops. I just asked to be put on a later flight and the agent moved me over to the next flight without even needing to check with a supervisor.
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