Recent change in Priceline counteroffer behavior?

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Travel' started by traveltoomuch, Sep 28, 2011.

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    [Milepoint doesn't seem to have a "travel booking and bidding" forum. If I've just missed the right place to ppst this, feel free to move it.]

    It used to be that Priceline would occasionally offer you a chance to bid again on hotels without changing zone, star level, or dates. I call it a "nibble", a sure sign you are getting close to a price that Priceline will take.

    Before, how much you has to increase your bid seemed to be tied to the bid you made. As your bid went up, so did the amount you had to raise your bid to use priceline's offered rebid, though in steps.

    Bid $60, offered a chance to rebid for +$15 ($75). $62 & $64, likewise ($77 & $79). Bid $66, $67, $68, or $69, offered a chance to rebid for +$20 ($86, $87, $88, $89). Winning price: $70.

    This weekend I saw something very different: an add-on amount that went DOWN, resulting in the same "bid this" price:
    Bid $52, offered a chance to rebid for +$14 ($66). Bid $55, offered +$11 (also $66). Bid $57, offered +$9 (also $66). Won at $61. (No idea what would have happened at 58, 59, or 60.)

    Have others seem the same, perchance?
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    I haven't noticed that, but it's interesting. Before, Priceline was assuming if you made a high bid you would be willing to raise your bid more in order to be successful (not just because you're willing to pay more, but also because if it's an expensive property you probably bid larger numbers with larger % increases). Priceline's algorithm may have had a trigger to start offerring rebids, but I think the size of the rebid was tied more to what you bid originally than how close you were.

    Now, it seems to be taking into account the minimum successful price. It's trying to avoid being greedy and just get you to at least bid something more than the minimum. Priceline would rather you be successful with a $65 bid on a $60 property than try to get you to rebid at $75. If Priceline gets greedy, you have to wait 24 hours and might walk away (I know I've done this).

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