Received business card offer from Chase for a card I already have

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    I have a the Chase Business Ink Bold card in the name of my business. To my surprise I received an offer in the mail for this card and a 70K bonus sign up, in the name of my business. The spend is 10K in 6 months, which I can do.

    I suppose if I apply I will be turned down, but I do want to be sure that is the case.

    Also, if I call them is there anyway they will give me anything, like 35K points after I complete the 10K spend in 6 months?

    Just wondered if anyone has any experience with this or suggestions about how to proceed.

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    The marketing department, which sends out these offers, does not keep up with what cards you hold or don't hold. And the marketing department has nothing to do with approvals. Chances are you will be rejected if you apply for another card.
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    I'd be less concerned about being rejected. Rather I'd be concerned whether you'll the points. Like m&s I don't think the offer means anything. If you do go through with it, and potentially waste a pull/AOR opportunity make SURE you get an SM or something that confirms the bonus. I actually once applied for the Chase United card which I'd already received (by mistake), did an SM session to confirm I'd get the bonus and because the rep said YES when he/she shouldn't have, after I'd put spend on it and they said I wouldn't get the bonus, I pointed to the SM session and they gave me the miles anyway as a gesture. I presume you could say you can't keep track of what Chase's rules are--you assumed when they sent you an offer that it was valid, etc. But I'd confirm you'll get the points before you bite.
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    I have the old Chase Ink Cash Card, as well as 2 Ink Business Cards so it is possible, go for it, they did not tell me NO,

    My wife also has her own INK Business card, her name is on the business checking account..,

    Never hurts to ask, yes they send out many offers, truth is they want to give you the cards..,
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    Is your current card the MC version and the offer for a Visa?

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