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    International Airport of Recife / Guararapes-Gilberto Freyre

    The International Airport of Recife / Guararapes - Gilberto Freyre utilizes the latest in airport technology, starting with access to aircraft. The corridor leading to the boarding bridges was the first country to use in differential access for passengers. Besides preventing the meeting of two streams, makes the process faster and safer.
    The building is controlled by the automation system and has sensors that prevent the presence of energy expenditure in areas that are not being used. More than 23 thousand square meters of special glasses provide natural lighting and maintain the thermal comfort of the environment. In the courtyard of aircraft, underground pipelines carry the fuel for the planes, a more secure supply, because it prevents the transit of tanker trucks on site.
    The area dedicated to shopping and leisure offers several options for consuming products and services within the concept of Aeroshopping area adopted at major airports Infraero. Attached to the passenger terminal building works garage, with parking capacity for over two thousand vehicles and cover with space for events.
    The solutions adopted in the bold architecture of the terminal include items accessibility: suitable check-in counters, floors slip resistant ramps, crosswalks raised to the level of the sidewalk, which were approved by the Special Secretariat for Human Rights. Among other facilities, the airport police station has specialized in civil service and tourist precinct of immigration from the Federal Police, which makes the issuing of passports.
    The call from the airport to promoting the art of Pernambuco can be assessed in each area. Francisco Brennand make up the collection with a mural, located at the entrance of the departure lounges and three statues in the food court, and José Cláudio storey, Gil Vicente, living authorities Ana Guerra and Peter Frederick exposing panels in the lobby of shipment. The artist Abelardo da Hora displays a statue of sociologist Gilberto Freyre, who gives name to the airport in the central area of ​​the ground floor. A panel of John Board installed at check-in and a Romero Britto sculpture in the lobby of the landing are the works that adorn the terminal. A work of Montez is located in the Great South Landing

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