Reach Preferred status faster - 6,000 Preferred-qualifying miles

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    I got this email today - it does look to be targeted

    In my opinion, this doesn't seem like a great deal. In my case, I currently have 62,000 PQMs on USAirways and I'm a Chairman. I can use US Air's Buy Up program today and pay $1349 to maintain Chairman status through Feb 2014. With the offer below, I would have to spend $1750 to get an additional 6k PQMs which would bring me to 68,000 PQMs this year and no closer to Chairman. (it also just so happens that I'll be earning ~27k miles in October so I'll likely have to pay around $500-600 to Buy Up to Chairman status at year end)

    But maybe it would make sense for others -

    Reach for the next level Earn up to 6,000 Preferred-qualifying miles*

    Reach your Preferred goals faster. When you buy miles October 1 − 31, 2012, you’ll get up to 6,000 Preferred-qualifying miles as a bonus. Buy now to quickly reach your next Preferred status.

    • Buy 10,000 – 19,000 miles, get 500 PQMs
    • Buy 20,000 – 29,000 miles, get 1,000 PQMs
    • Buy 30,000 – 39,000 miles, get 3,000 PQMs
    • Buy 40,000 – 49,000 miles, get 5,000 PQMs
    • Buy 50,000 miles, get 6,000 PQMs
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    might make sense if it combines with the 100% buy bonus and also 100% share bonus
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    Don't think they actually want to you analyze the cost/benefit here;)
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    The cost might work out if you are super close to the tier you want to get to but won't hit it this year AND are within a few thousand of a reward ticket that you want to use before your next purchased flight. Other than those specific circumstances I think it's a pass...but I haven't actually done the math yet.

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