Reaccommodation when no planned maintenace means no running water?

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    The Hyatt House Herndon wrote to warn of "boiler room" work tomorrow, resulting in no running water (hot or cold!) between 8pm Sunday and 6am Monday. While I'm delighted to have the advance warning, I'm surprised that they haven't offered to accommodate us at one of the other nearby Hyatt properties (e.g. the Hyatt Regency Reston or the Hyatt House in Herndon). Weekend nights near IAD tend to be slow -- it shouldn't be that hard to find rooms. When I asked the hotel about it they explained that the hotels have different owners. Somehow, I'm guessing that Jeff Zidell and his crew would be surprised at that excuse.

    What have others seen when hotels do major maintenance?
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    Get a bucket, fill it with water, and sit it next to the toilet! At least you'll get one flush (pour it into the bowl, it takes less water that way).

    Seriously, I have experienced a plumbing problem which shut down the cold water for a night for half the rooms at the Park Hyatt Melbourne. They didn't even start working on it until the next morning since they didn't want to bother the plumber at night. Some hotels just have bad management, and you just ran into one of them, as did I.

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