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    First let me apologize if i've posted in the wrong place. I kept searching threads and I couldn't figure out the best place to post this.

    Here's the situation, I have Ritz Carlton Gold status, the RC Visa card, and am considering booking a RC property through AMEX FHR.

    I know that paying for my stay with any AMEX card is all that's required for the FHR portion. But what i'm wondering is if i'm better off using a "club upgrade" that I have through the RC Visa, as well as $100 credit as a cardholder for stays of two days or more....I seriously doubt I could stack these benefits along with the standard FHR benefits....Just wondering which way to go. (there's no benefit to me in this situation for a stay/night elite credit)

    Anyone been down this road before that could shed a little light on this for me?

    - MO
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    Tricky. Here is what you need to do.

    Technically, you need to book directly with Ritz, or a RC Stars agent, to use the club upgrade coupon. FHR bookings aren't eligible.

    You should contact a Stars agent (which will get you FHR-style amenities (breakfast, late check out, etc), along with a better chance of an upgrade) who can make the booking with the club coupon.

    You aren't supposed to stack the $100 card credit (for a two night paid stay) with the stars or FHR credit...though I have asked nicely and gotten them stacked a few times at check out.

    Pm me if you need a referral to a stars agent.
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    I think technically, only booking with RC directly, using the number on the back of the CC, are eligible for the club upgrade certs. I was told this by a Stars agent and also by CC cust service. Though I know NYB has made it work via Stars agent. And the weird thing is that we use the same Stars agent :eek:!

    And, I think Stars + Virtuoso is what you should seek in an agent, when comparing Amex FHR.
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