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    InsideFlyer magazine is reviewing Emirates Skywards in our May issue and would like your input.

    If you would like to participate, please post your response in the thread with the pros and cons of membership in Skywards and grade the program from A to F (A being the highest grade). You can include a plus or minus with the rating.

    You can also respond directly to the editors at InsideFlyer at sfleming@insideflyer.com if you would prefer.

    Thank you.
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    They've recently announced that the lowest fares (which were only upgradable on departure) will no longer be upgradable at all.

    Additional mileage redemptions use to make it pretty easy to get first class awards but now don't get any extra inventory at all.

    One way awards are more than half the cost of roundtrip.

    They add fuel surcharges to awards.

    There are some decent deals for short- and medium- haul flights. First class is extraordinarily expensive. Fuel surcharges on routes where those are filed are killer.

    All I can think of that's really positive is that mid-tier fares can still be upgraded without co-pay and that they bonus premium fares nicely on the earning side.

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    I am reluctant to do any surveys for free after regularly getting gifts (usually popular self-help or business related titles) from The Economist whenever I participate in their surveys

    I have been flying Emirates several times a month for over 8 years and in general it is one of the best airlines out there but their success has made them much less generous and Skywards is not all that great

    recognition at Emirates is good though, particularly if you are Gold or Platinum and flying in Coach, you get lounge access, extra baggage, Business Class check-in and at major airports your luggage is first off the carousel

    however on Emirates flights to many places in Africa and Asia, their Business Class service is just not worth the price they charge for it as local staff do not offer the same level of service and the planes are often past their "sell by" date

    their Arabian Airpass can be a major benefit if you do business in the MENA region

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    I love traveling Emirates. Emirates skywards members enjoy a lot of benefits from priority checkin to priority on-boarding, upgrading of their travel class, facilities in airports. I saw a lot of my friends enjoying all these when we traveled recently though I am not in the category to get benefits yet. However, I love their customer reach as the newsletters they send are quite comprehensive and non-intrusive. They do not feel like spam like most others do.

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    EK service differs greatly depending on the route. You will get good service from DXB to Europe. On the other hand when you fly DXB to the Indian subcontinent the service is different and the attitude of staff as well. Fares now are often not cheap andy more. They used to be in the past. What I do not like is the points/miles you get after flying with them. The number of points has greatly declined especially in Economy class. Because of that I now prefer other programs over Skywards. C
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    From my experience you get a reasonable amount of miles for the flights and can get upgrades much faster than with LH for example. Nothing to complain about from my point of view

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