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    InsideFlyer magazine is reviewing Marriott Rewards in our January 2013 issue and would like your input.

    If you would like to participate, please post your response in the thread with the pros and cons of membership in Marriott Rewards and grade the program from A to F (A being the highest grade). You can include a plus or minus with the rating.

    You can respond directly to the editors at InsideFlyer at lynda@insideflyer.com if you would prefer.

    We look at earning ability, award choices, partnerships, elite-level program, rules & conditions, customer service, online service and the general pluses and minuses of being a member. You can rate any or all of these categories but please include an overall grade for the program.

    Thank you. You can see the completed review at InsideFlyer.com in January.
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    Reasonable although not outstanding redemption program. The free weekend night promotions (usually dubbed MegaBonus) are good but the low cap on hotel categories for redemption and the limited number of nights you can earn brings down the benefit.

    The elite program is subpar. It has the toughest thresholds for earning elite status, their top tier takes 75 nights. And it has the least rewarding top tier. Breakfast benefits only apply during the week. And not at resorts. There's no late checkout guarantee (it's on request only, on day of departure, and even that doesn't apply at resorts). No free health club access guaranteed.

    For points-earning/redemption I give them a B-.

    For elite program I give them a C-.
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    I live in Europe so I don't use Marriott in the US so much (breakfast and lounge 7 days a week in most properties outside the US). So Elite perks are great for me - I'm MR Gold.

    Points earning/redemption is so so - points saver is rare, not like PC's PB. C+.

    Elite programme: difficult to earn but Gold does give you some upgrade and lounge access/free breakfast. Stingy upgrade. B-

    Choice of awards: I don't use the points for anything else except hotel night, I think you do get some nice Cat 4 hotels. B

    CS is good: A+

    Megabonus is so so but stable: C

    I haven't even been a member long enough to enjoy the BOGO :(

    I think the programme is alright, like any other loyality programmes. Overall: B-
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    At first blush, it does seem harder to earn status than with most other hotel programs, but the Marriott Rewards black credit card gives 15 bonus nights per year, so you can get automatic Silver (needs 10 nights) and need only 35 more nights to attain Gold, which carries most of the perks Platinums enjoy except for the welcome gift (and a slightly higher bonus in points per dollar spent with Marriott).

    I believe their customer concern is high; they offered double nights some years back when the economy turned down and good customers were having problems travelling enough to requalify, and later started roll-over nights allowing customers to carry over to the next year any nights they earned in excess of those needed to requalify. Also they were the first major hotel chain to offer lifetime elite.

    Redemption options are great, one of the best being the Travel Packages, where you can exchange Marriott Rewards points into miles on specified airlines at a 1 for 1 rate when redeeming 7-night stays (and since you can earn up to 20 points per dollar spent with Marriott, that's a great deal)!

    Loss of the BOGO certificates was a negative factor, as was the dropping of the 7-night "European sampler" awards where the seven nights could be divided among up to three hotels in Europe. I wish they'd bring those back.

    Over all, a high B+.
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    I give it a B overall.

    As far as elite benefits go, I don't mind that Platinum requires 75 nights, as Gold at 50 nights provides very good benefits - ones much like top tier elite on many chains.

    I can't say I've ever redeemed a point, but I think the nights and miles option is an excellent redemption option if one has a significant stash to burn.

    Probably the best aspect of the program is that they provide a very broad range of properties - one can find something just about anywhere in the US providing whatever level of service one requires for a given stay. Hyatt and SPG, not so much.

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