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    InsideFlyer magazine is reviewing Marriott Rewards for the January issue and would love to hear from Marriott Rewards members.

    We look at the program based on the following: Earning Ability, Award Choices, Partnerships, Elite-Level Program, Rules and Conditions, Service Support and Online Services. You can comment on any or all of the above categories.

    If you would like to participate, please post your response in the thread with the pros and cons of membership in Marriott Rewards and give the program an overall rating from A to F (A being the highest grade). You can include a plus or minus with the rating.

    Please respond by Dec. 3, 2014.

    You can also respond directly to the editors at InsideFlyer at sfleming@insideflyer.com if you would prefer.
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    Earning Ability: B

    Award Choices: A - due to their large "footprint".

    Partnerships: B - I am enjoying Rewards Gold status through their JV with UA.

    Elite-Level Program: A - for one of the best second-tier elite levels in the business. I requested a suite upgrade at Ritz-Carlton Georgetown as a Gold and got it!

    Rules and Conditions: B - Standard.

    Service Support: Dunno.

    Online Services: A - works for me every time. Very informative.

    Overall: B+ to A-
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    Earning Ability: C (certain brands earn at half the normal rate)

    Award Choices: C (few interesting aspirational hotels; R-Cs are often alike and cost many points while not giving elites lounge access)

    Partnerships: C (the UA merger is still a mess)

    Elite-Level Program: D (no suite upgrades, no guaranteed late checkout, and PP benefits aren't any better than what Gold elites get)

    Rules and Conditions: C (it's too easy for hotels not to give upgrades, late checkouts, etc.to top tier elites)

    Service Support: D (PP agents can be terrible even during the the supposed opening hours for dedicated PP line staff; any MR issue--as opposed to reservations--results in being put on hold to talk with a regular MR agent)

    Online Services: C (I don't like the layout when I search to make a reservation)

    Overall: C- (some of the Marriott uniformity can be good and there's a huge footprint, but the program is disappointing for elites compared to SPG and Hyatt)

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