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    InsideFlyer magazine is reviewing Choice Privileges in our September issue and would like your input.

    If you would like to participate, please post your response in the thread with the pros and cons of membership in Choice Privileges and grade the program from A to F (A being the highest grade). You can include a plus or minus with the rating.

    You can also respond directly to the editors at InsideFlyer at dmankell@insideflyer.com if you would prefer.

    Thank you.
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    One strong positive for Choice Privileges is being able to spend a minimum number of points for lodging. Another positive is that everywhere I seem to go, there are many choices in their chain to stay. Another positive is having a credit card with no annual fee where I want earn 2 points per dollar.

    The biggest negative is quality control among hotels in the chain. Frankly, some of their inns are the dregs of the industry, though most of the members of the chain are quite good. However, with a little research before reserving a room (through tripadvisor or other tool), the consumer can usually sort out the good from the bad.

    The other negative is expiration of points after being held 2 years, regardless of the activity in the account.

    I would give this program a C+.

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