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    Had this happen in the Off-Topic section in the Three-Word Stories thread just now.

    Say there's a rapid-fire exchange of posts, between two people, say I'm A and the other is B. When B types a post, and I type back, B's post will appear in duplicate (when it didn't before).

    To help.....
    - No quoting of messages, just a simple reply (it was me and me and lipton doing the exchange a few minutes ago if you want to see the actual exchange.
    - The double posts does go away after creating another post.
    - I'm on Win 7, Firefox 3.6.13 and wearing my French Maid outfit.
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    Let me add that to the bug report. Certainly not sure why it might happen but it surely should not. Thanks.
  3. Make sure you get the details of the French Maid outfit in there as well Randy... very important to diagnose the issue! :)

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