Rapid City man says female Hardee's boss made sex a condition of employment

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    Chris Huber, Journal staff

    A Rapid City man has filed a lawsuit against Hardee's claiming he was pressured into having sex with his female manager, and then was fired soon after ending the relationship.

    A Rapid City man has filed a federal lawsuit against the Hardee’s restaurant chain, alleging he was pressured into a sexual relationship with his female supervisor, who then fired him when he ended it.

    Gerald Anderson of Rapid City filed the lawsuit against the Northland Restaurant Group, operating as Hardee's, claiming that the business violated anti-discrimination laws.

    Anderson said he unfairly lost his job at the restaurant in October 2012, according to a complaint filed Feb. 5.

    In the lawsuit, which presents only one side of a dispute, Anderson claims he was hired at Hardee's in August 2012 by restaurant manager Danielle Dahlenburg. Anderson claims Dahlenburg subjected him to "unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and sexual touching" during his employment, according to court documents.

    The suit does not say which of the two Rapid City Hardee's locations the incidents took place, or if Dahlenburg is still employed by the chain.
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    Equal Rights, many a man gets played in this game,

    Many a married man has heard No after the commitment has been made.

    Could it be they are in this together, working Hardee's for a buck.

    Looks like they both will be making $15.00 an hour soon, this was nothing more than a performance issue..

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