Randy: what do you expect from us members?

Discussion in 'Beta Feedback [Archive]' started by Jasper2009, Feb 5, 2011.

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    First of all: Congratulations on starting this site!

    I´ve very much enjoyed Flyertalk over the years, and when I heard you were starting this new site and that Gary was resigning from all his positions at FT and was also heading over here, it was obvious that many FTers - including myself - would head over here, too and at least have a look (and hopefully stick around).

    However, I´m still not quite sure what the purpose of this site is? Or to put it differently: what expectations do you have from us members?

    One goal is to offer a more user-friendly and helpful environment to newbies, that shouldn´t be too difficult for now, as there are only a limited number of threads, a limited number of newbies and many experts.[​IMG] So for now I´m happy to have a look every now and then and see whether I can answer a newbie question.

    But apart from that: what´s the purpose of this forum? One thought was "this is like Flyertalk, but without the huge amount of info posted in hundred thousand of threads". Another thought was "this is a nice experiment/study set-up: create a new, blank forum like FT and see what happens/how it develops differently than FT". In the long-run this site will certainly compete with FT, and many will certainly not have the time to post on both boards in the long-run.

    So what´s the long-term goal/purpose of this site?


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