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    Hi All,
    So I am planning our next trip which will take us to central Europe. Where exactly isn't really set yet, but definately will include Prague/Vienna. Other locations under consideration are Krakow, Berlin, & Budapest.

    I went online and used the various countries rail sites to try to find schedules & prices but also came across such sites as raildude.com/raileurope.com. I know someone stated before that those type of sites should be avoided as they're much more expensive then buying directly from the train company itself (dbbahn, OPP, PTK) but some of the routes/dates are not buy able online (also no real price). As such should I just keep those prices i found on RE.com/RD.com as a reference and then when I arrive to the city goto the train station and buy them then? Are there ticket offices that speak English, or ticket kiosk with English on them?

    I don't want to have a plan (for example USA -> VIE -> PRG -> KRK -> BUD -> USA) but then arrive at the station and not have a way to get to my next location... when I'll have hotel & flight (home or a stopover) already booked.
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    Just show up and roll with it. Quite easy, really.

    A group of us did Bratislava - Budapest this past weekend and had no trouble getting seats on the train we wanted the morning of travel. If you want a sleeper car, are traveling in peak season or something like that maybe buy a day or two in advance but otherwise I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Even if you cannot find someone who speaks English is isn't too hard to write "Praha 21:30" and get a ticket on the 9:30pm train to Prague.

    Just hope you don't have to spend an unplanned 2 hours in the Slovakian countryside with a broken catenary like we did. Actually a reasonable time, though it meant missing out on seeing a few things in Budapest by the time we got there.
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    German & Austrian Rail often offer deeply discounted tickets through internet purchases in advance. The discounts are determined by capacity at the time of purchase, and can be substantial (50-80%). However, those tickets would only be good for a specific day & time, and cannot be exchanged for a later train. If a discounted fare is only 19 EUR, it's probably worth the risk. You also get to reserve your seats, which may otherwise not be possible for 2nd class tix.

    Otherwise it's pretty easy to buy tickets at any train station, even if the attendants don't understand English. All you need to tell them (or show on fingers) are the # of tix and the destination. I've browsed raildude.com myself, and found it pretty good at tracking online discounts. So you can't use those prices as a guide to the list price you'll be charged at a train station.
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