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    Hi! I'm absolutely new to frequent flier programs, so I don't know how most of it works, any terminology, etc. I'm from Chennai, India (MAA) and am going to college in Boston (BOS). However, I will be traveling via ATL quite often, because my uncle lives there. Given that over the next four years I'm going to be traveling to and fro quite a bit from India to the US, I figured I should start collecting miles. I'm hoping to travel a bit more during college, especially to Europe, but I don't know how that's going to work out.

    I was hoping you guys could help me out a bit with regards to picking programs, carriers, etc. I'm a bit confused as to how you reigster to an alliance-- for example, if I want to become part of the OneWorld alliance and register for the BA frequent flier program, can I then use that card to collect miles on any OneWorld member? Or do I need to register for the AA program, the Air Berlin program, etc? What is the average conversion rate between miles traveled on the ground and miles collected, as well as between miles collected and benefits accrued?

    Thanks in advance! :)
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    I think that you should determine which carrier/alliance you think you will be using most to travel to and fro India, and sign up with it because that is how you will rake in the miles, considering how far India is. Once that is set and assuming that you signed up with a program/carrier that is part of one of the three alliances (Star Alliance, One World, SkyTeam), you should be able to get around to other parts of world relatively easily. From here on, you should stick with the same frequent-flyer program/alliance in order to earn enough qualifying miles to achieve top elite status, which would dramatically enhance the quality of your travel.

    Good luck and welcome to MilePoint, sainyn!

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