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    Hi,Im a 22 year old young adult residing in the U.S.
    Im a TOTAL noob at all this mileage redemption. I have read the Guides on this forum,but i still am confused.
    Can somebody fully explain to me the following questions.
    1.How do i start from strach to earn frequent flyer miles/i have no traveled in 10 years and im only 22 years old,and i do not own any credit cards.
    2.Iv'e looked and all i see is racking up points with credit cards,but im worried it will mess up my credit score,although i do not own any credit cards.
    3.How do i earn the most frequent flyers rewards without a lot of risk,and the big riskers is there a site with a list of available big options for like 50k miles.
    4.Is there other ways to earn FF rewards without signing up for credit cards
    5.Is there a complete guide for free that i can view
    6.What airlines would be best to sign up with in New york?
    Thank you so much!
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    Do you know your credit score? If not, that should be your first task.
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    1. read milepoint every day, start flying, pay attention to the small deals (100-5000 miles here and there)

    2. It wont. If you have an income and can play off your card it will help your score. everyone needs to start somewhere

    3. credit cards / flying & try to rack up the small deals

    5. the internet

    6. depends on where you are flying too. pick a domestic carrier you like and focus on that. American / United / etc.. racking up miles on your favorite domestic carrier can be used on any of the airlines in their respective alliance.

    Bonus 7: asking questions, be nice, and read before you speak.
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    Ways to earn miles:
    A. Signup for FF programs. Fly on the airline.
    B. Make use of airlines' partners: stay at hotels, rent cars, take cruises, buy from their online malls, etc.
    C. Get credit cards or open/fund financial accounts.

    Your bigger risk is getting a lot of credit cards and failing to pay off your FULL balance every month, thus getting yourself into credit card debit. Alternately, failing to keep track of all of your cards and paying lots of fees. Your credit is VERY valuable (hence the proliferation of ID theft). You should be aware of your credit scores, fix any problems with them, and understand the effect of various actions on your score before applying for credit.

    "Nothing in life is free. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something." You would be wise to start small and figure things out as you go, then build upon that experience.

    Yes, see "1." above.

    Not per se. There are lots of websites, including this one, with lots of information. However, there is no one-size-fits-all product here. The kinds of miles/points and how to acquire them is dependant on where you live, where you travel, where you want to travel, how much money you have, how good your credit is, how much time you have to spend, etc.
    New York has several airports. It depends very much on where you want to go.

    My suggestions:

    A. Determine why you want miles/points. Do you want to fly to Europe every summer in First Class? Do you want to make a half-dozen free trips around the US? Do you want to fly around the world? Do you want to fly your parents back to Hungary to visit relatives? Start with a goal. Having 10 million miles is not really a goal, or at least not a particularly laudible one.

    B. Select an airline, a hotel chain, and a car rental company that are partners and can generally meet your needs or achieve your goal.

    C. Join their award programs, get a credit card or two that get you decent bonuses for those programs and concentrate on maximizing miles and points in those programs to meet your goals.

    D. Read the forums here, on FlyerTalk, and some of the bloggers who discuss the programs in which you are interested on a daily basis.

    E. Ask specific questions but listen more than you talk.

    F. Once you are comfortable with these programs, you can start expanding out to other programs.

    p.s. Welcome to MP!
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