Questions about Rapid Rewards? Ask their Director in a special live chat on milepoint

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    We are thrilled to announce our second "A Conversation with ..." live chat series event, featuring one of the most prominent leaders in the travel industry.

    Join us and our special guest Jonathan Clarkson, Director of the Rapid Rewards Loyalty Program, in mid-October for the live milepoint chat event.

    You are invited to pre-submit questions here. While we can't guarantee all of the pre-submitted questions posted will be asked during the event, pre-submitting a question presents an additional opportunity to get your question heard.

    For more information regarding this event and to signup for an email alert when the chat is about to begin visit:
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  3. Just read the Chat Transcipt. Sorry, too busy watching the Word Series to catch it live. Anyways, was that guy serious about his reason for not allowing AwardWallet and other Mile Manager programs to display SWA balance info? I couldn't tell if he was being serious or not in his response since I just read the transcript. If "acct security" (ie, CC details are in the acct) is the main reason, wouldn't requiring the 3-digit Security Code on the back of the credit card fix that whole reason? Or are they really worried that somebody at AwardWallet is gonna hack into people's acct and steal their RR2.0 pts? Pathetic excuse by SWA to try to justify their desire to control us IMHO.

    Two thumbs down to SWA for this answer, as well as for their whole pathetic implementation of the whole RR2.0 program, and finally for the sudden no-notice change to the Ticketless Travel funds name-matching requirement, which cost me over $500 in fund that I had locked up in family members PNRs that won't be flying SWA in the next year, hence I will lose. You should be ashamed of yourselves SWA. I used to be a big SWA supporter, but no longer. If it weren't for my Companion Pass (which I've had for roughly 8 years now), I would be LONG gone from SWA. It's the only thing currently keeping me with SWA. Once I burn all the Ticketless Travel funds currently in my own name, and once I burn all my SWA RR2.0 pts, I will be very reluctant to give another dime to SWA.
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    Where is the transcript posted?
  5. Click the link in Post #1 above and then click the "Replay" icon on the lower right side of that screen.

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