Question relating to treatment of stopovers on distance based awards

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    Oh, please help me understand ANA’s mileage based awards!
    First, does ANA truly enforce the rules relating to who (family for ANA flights, pointholder only for partner flights as discussed here:?
    I am aware that this step requires registration of the “award user” here:
    I suppose it can limit the secondary market for points, but otherwise it kinda sucks.
    Second, I find their rules for stopovers rather ambiguous, especially the following language:
    Your entire itinerary may have no more than 4 stopovers (a stay exceeding 24 hours). (Only 1 stopover in Japan is permitted for itineraries departing from overseas. Stopovers in Japan are not allowed for itineraries departing from Japan. 2 stopovers are permitted within Europe.)Only 1 stopover is permitted for each city. Ground transportation during an itinerary is regarded as a stopover.
    No stopovers or ground transportation within the country of origin are permitted on international routes (itineraries that include 2 or more countries).
    In the case of Round-the-World tickets only, up to 8 stopovers are permitted between the origin and final destination. However, only 3 stopovers are permitted within Europe.

    Routes cannot pass through the region of departure en route to another destination.

    You cannot arrange an itinerary to go to a third country via the departure country.

    OK, I understand the difference between a stopover and a connection (the 24 hour rule).

    1. Do these rules seriously mean that an international itinerary pretty much, in practical terms, has got to start in a hub city? DCA-CLT-BZE-CLT-DCA is an awesome routing and costs 22K miles vs. 30K on US, but it “pass[es] through the region of departure en route to another destination” although not necessarily a 24+ hour stopover?

    2. Unlike American’s distance based awards, I see no provision preventing one from having a stopover in the originating city. Does this mean that one may route, say: DCA-BUF(stopover)-DCA(stopover for several months)-ORD(stopover)-DCA, thereby essentially getting two weekend trips for 20,000 miles in Y?

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