Question Regarding Baggage Interlining with AA and AA partners.

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  1. I have a question regarding checking baggage for flights that are not on same PNR record. In late 2011, I have award travel on Qantas with an 8 day stopover in Sydney before my destination of Auckland.

    My award flight will be DFW - SYD - AKL. Because I live in MSP, I will be booking a separate ticket for MSP - DFW.

    Will it be possible for AA to check my baggage and bicycle to SYD without a major hassle?
    Since there is a stop-over, should I just tell them my final destination is Sydney instead of Auckland?
    What information will AA need to make sure my bags get properly transfered to Qantas? (I'm assuming just the PNR for the DFW flights?)

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    It does unfortunately vary entirely too much, but showing your onging itinerary should help interline the bags. The best thing to do is to ask, and be sure they are putting the properly coded strips on your bags. And of course you should ask the bags be tagged to SYD, as I doubt any airline will hold bags for forwarding for several days.

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