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    We changed our itinerary for next Spring and will be returning from Berlin rather than CDG. We are using the companion pass and had already paid taxes. Unfortunately, at this time there is no good award flight from TXL to LHR so I just booked the transatlantic segment. I figured I would wait to see if two seats open on a flight early that day that will allow a connection and, if not, would simply buy the one-way tickets from TXL to LHR.

    When the agent recomputed the ticket, I now had to pay the higher amount on the return due to my homebound flight now originating from Heathrow. Fine, I get that. But I asked if we could now purchase the one-way ticket - about the same per person as the extra taxes - and she said it could not be done - since the award ticket originates in London, I have to pay those taxes.

    Seems nuts to me but I have no desire to spend another hour on the phone if you all know that she is right. I would have thought that paid tickets connecting to award tickets with the same passengers on the same date would be enough to prove where the return actually originated. Any ideas? Many thanks.
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    The paid ticket does not connect to the award ticket. It's a separate ticket and has nothing to do with the award ticket other than its London arrival time being similar to (although slightly earlier than) the departure time of the award ticket. The travel on the paid ticket stops when you arrive at LHR. The travel on the award ticket starts at LHR, and is taxed accordingly.

    This would not apply if the two tickets were issued in conjunction with each other (with the tickets stating this to be the case), which would usually be the case if they were issued on a through fare. But as one is paid and the other is an award, these will not be issued as conjunction tickets.

    This, as you probably know, is not just for tax purposes. It also applies to baggage through-checking and misconnection protection. If you fly TXL-LHR on a separate ticket, you have no contractual right to have your bags through-checked to the flight departing LHR; and if the TXL-LHR flight is delayed and you miss your onward flight from LHR, you have no contractual or statutory right to be reaccommodated as you have simply no-showed for the onward flight. In both cases, you're relying on the airline's discretion.
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