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    Dear fellow MPers

    I'm planning to visit Japan with my friend in mid-May. He's going YYZ-SFO-KIX on Eewnited since it arrives at 3pm. Since I'm bound by my 35 u/g credits, I'm going to leave a day early (and pay extra $) and do SFO-YVR-ICN [sleep in the transit hotel] KIX

    I'm looking at the ITA matrix site and it appears that there are four flights from ICN to KIX that will arrive at a compatible time with my friend. Three of them are NH-numbered OZ-operated flights and one is NH. The ITA site says the ticket will book in Coach (B).

    I'm kinda surprised since ITA says my r/t fare is $1719 and I have a B segment in there o_o

    1. B = eligible for *A u/g award right? (if no, then hah, this whole thread is moot)
    2. Who has the better intra-Asia biz, NH or OZ?
    3. Which airline do I have a better chance of doing the *A u/g on, NH or OZ?
    4. If I buy a hypothetical SFO-YVR (AC), YVR-ICN (AC), ICN-KIX (NH/OZ) ticket ... uhhhhh is it possible to use e-certs on the AC segments and spend my points on the *A u/g for the last segment? Or will AP/AC's IT systems blow up in my face?
    5. Assuming 4 is possible, after I book this ticket ... I what? Call Aeroplan to *A u/g the ICN-KIX segment? Then 4 days before the flight, call AC to e-cert u/g the SFO-YVR-ICN part?

    Thank you for your time,
    (wondering if I should crosspost to FT...)
  2. using star upgrades is a waste of points.. Check out how many you need.
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    I have said it before and I will say it again, I think the decision on whether an amount of points is a waste or not is in the eye of the person redeeming the points. Blanket statements are personal opinions only IMHO.​
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