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    Hi All,

    My father will be travelling from Atlanta to Chicago and then connecting to LH flight to Bombay via Frankfurt. He is booked on same ticket for all the 3 segments. His flight from ATL to ORD (LH9262) arrives at 1500 hrs and his flight from ORD to FRA (LH431) leaves at 1600 hrs.

    Do you think he has enough time to make the connection? Also, will his bags be checked all the way to BOM or he will have to collect and re-ckeck them at ORD?


    EDIT: Based on Google search, it appears that United express operated by Mesa, arrives at terminal 1 and LH 431 departs from Terminal 1 as well. Can one of the gurus here confirm this? If this is the case, then my father wont have to go through security check again and probably he will be able to make it to his next flight.

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    The bags can be checked in for the entire trip. An hour layover would be sufficient for many routes. But ORD is notorious for delays. So there will be a small but real risk that your father and/or his bags would miss that connection. I would be especially concerned about the bags being unloaded and transferred in time for the connecting flight.

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