Question on credit report score and Southwest airline application

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    Today my daughter just received her first credit card "Discover". They sent her credit score
    FICO 732. Why is it so low ? She is a college student that has never had a ccard before. Also
    I want her to have perfect credit so in order to do this does it matter if she pays the balance in
    full compared to paying it off daily? Today I also received a letter from Southwest regarding an
    application letter saying that they want me to call to discuss my needs. I have the Southwest
    RR card and they sent me a letter that I sent back inviting me to obtain a premiere card.The last
    time I applied for a Chase ccard they gave it to be but deducted some credit from another account. Any advise before I call? The SW RR card I only spent the two thousand and stopped using it a couple months ago. THANK YOU in advance. :)
  2. satman40

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    723 is not low, it is a good score, I doubt very few are above it.

    Very few got through school with a 4,0

    We are just happy to get the card, tell here not to apply for any more cards for 6 months, her score will move back up a bit as long as she pays the bill in full.

    Pay in full, have the income in the top 1%,, keep the debt low, and a net worth

    Even then you might not have an 850 plus.
  3. flynow

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    Her score Sound good at 723 ! Do what other said on pay it off and on time.
  4. boondr

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    732 is pretty good for a limited credit history, likely about as high as possible prior to having a credit card.
  5. sharris503

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    723 for someone fresh out of college is a great score. Consider that she probably has limited credit history and any accounts she has are going to be new, which usually counts against her score. As long as she keeps paying her bills in full and on time her score will go up over the long haul. I'm not sure if she is planning on getting involved in this game or not but if she does she should take it slow.
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    As the others have indicated, a credit score is not something that starts out "perfect", even for someone with nothing derogatory in their credit history. The "problem" here is precisely that there is no credit history yet, so it needs to be built up since it is tough to extend big credit to someone who has not yet shown how they handle credit. A score of 723 is plenty good as a starting point...
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  7. moongoddess

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    You've just answered your own question there. In order to have a high credit score, a person has to first have a significant consumer credit history. Not many college students do.

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