Question for moderators: notification when posts are deleted?

Discussion in 'Feedback/Support/Suggestions' started by traveltoomuch, Aug 1, 2015.

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    It looks like some posts, including at least one of mine, were deleted from the thread:

    Specifically, these were some of the posts observing that one person (Adam A. Efimoff) was likely using multiple accounts, including the MattWett account used to create that thread.

    Assuming my memory was correct and that I did not, in fact, delete my own post:

    Why was my post deleted?

    And why wasn't I told that it was being deleted?

    I'll hold suggestions (e.g. moderators should tell people when posts are being deleted, and explain way) in hopes of getting some clear answers first.

    (Indeed, I did delete some of my own posts from that thread. But I thought I left one in place...)
  2. Mark
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    You deleted your four helpful posts and only left one that was only about another member and nothing to do with the subject of the thread. I'm going to put this in the self explanatory category.

    Side note since I see they posted and then deleted it here: @adamefimoff2 I advise you to stop replying to these types of posts - especially if you're going to delete them (so you know you probably shouldn't anyway). If I was you I'd be weary of the off-topic forums as well for a while if you're going to stick around.

    Since this is a pretty open and shut feedback topic I'm going to close it. Stay on topic in threads or take the discussion to somewhere more appropriate (off-topic, private message, etc).
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