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Discussion in 'Mileage Runs/Travel Hacking' started by MSYgirl, Aug 22, 2013.

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    This may be a dumb question or posted elsewhere, but I couldn't find it.

    How do you book MRs/trips with multiple stops? When I search AA or some other flight websites, I don't see an option to book more than a starting point, just a layover or two and a final destination. I'm looking to book a MR through a number of states in November to obtain the miles I need to reach PLT. It's either that or I book an international flight to make up the difference. I'll be short about 9k EQMs or less if my trip to Norfolk pans out in October.
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    I use ITA to figure out the routing, then plug it into Hipmunk to book. You can do something like RDU::UA UA UA+ to force 3 or more segments out of RDU, or you can force connections in specific cities, al la: RDU::UA IAH UA ORD (forces one segment RDU->IAH and one segment IAH -> ORD).

    Once you figure out the routing you want, you can plug those rules into Hipmunk.

    The "fun" think about ITA, is that it has a timeout limit, and returns whatever it finds in that time. So if you say RDU::UA UA+ to SFO, it'll likely just give you the simple RDU-IAH-SFO options that are easy for it to figure out. The more complicated your request, the more it'll use the allotted processing time to find what you want.
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    You can also often use the multi-city option on the airline or OTA sites. If you want UA to sell you LGA-IAH-SFO-HNL you wouldn't just search LGA-HNL but rather LGA-SFO + SFO-HNL. The site knows there are no non-stop options for LGA-SFO so it should display the valid options such as the IAH connection. I wrote up an example about making Hipmunk do it here. And some details on how to do it in ITA are here.

    Yes and no. I find that the more specific I am in my query the more likely I am to actually get what I'm looking for rather than the results from other airlines or such.
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