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    I know that revenue management is complicated voodoo magic. My question/scenario is this: If i go to Kayak or any airline's page to check out the price for a ticket. My brother looked for tickets home from FLL in April and put in a search for 8 tickets on Kayak and DL and it showed availability and a certain price. My sister and brother went to buy their respective tickets. My sister got in and then when he went to buy, it was no longer available and it went up. To me, it means that his order went into a different fare bucket (he thinks someone/program saw that and automatically kicked it up) because my sister bought the first batch out. I guess my question is that number that they show me for said amount of seats going to stay if I didn't break the purchase up into two parts?
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    Usually the airlines have a limited number of seats to sell in each fare bucket. So, let's say the number is 8. Whether you buy 8 tickets at once or buy 2 sets of 4 tickets, the prices for those tickets in that fare bucket will remain the same. Once the allotment is sold out, you'll have to pay for the next fare bucket as your brother found out the hard way.
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    Remember too, if you ask (search) for 8 tickets, and there are only (say) 6 available in the lowest bucket, what you'll be shown is the next bucket that has 8 tickets remaining.

    In other words, unless you absolutely have to have all tickets the same price, it's usually better to start out with smaller requests (or at least to try another search requesting only one or two seats just to see if you can get them at a lower price).
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