Question about a "Stay 3, Get 1 Free" Rate

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    Random question & scenario here as we plan a vacation... :)

    We're looking to stay for 7 nights at a hotel. They are currently offering a rate with "Stay 4 nights and get a 4th night free credited at check out..." It also includes a $200 F&B credit.

    A few questions...
    • Are there ever any issues in making back-to-back 4-day reservations? (I'm not worried about night or stay credit- just the points)
    • Could there be any issues if on the second 4-day rez we actually checked out after 3? (Would we not get the F&B credit?)
    Thanks in advance.
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    You shouldn't have any issues making back-to-back reservations. I do all the time. Typically, the hotel will combine them into one reservation upon your arrival.
    I suspect you might run into a challenge with the second rez if you check out early. I would contact the hotel directly and ask them if they're willing to make a 7 day reservation for you giving you the same benefits you would get w/two reservations. They might be willing.
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    Could you perhaps "solve" the problem by checking out really late on your last day? Many hotels have policies to charge the full room rate if you leave after 6 pm. Alternatively, could you reserve the room one day early to guarantee availability on arrival for a very early check in? You would need to make sure the hotel knows that you are doing this.

    Back to back reservations should be no problem. I do this sometimes when there's a different rate for different nights and I don't want the maximum rate to apply to all days. It helps to have the reservations linked in advance so that you can keep the same room.

    However, I would read the T&C very carefully in case the $200 credit is once per stay. Also, sometimes the buy N get one night free base rate is BAR or even higher, so there's a good chance that you can find cheaper rates for your first or last three days.
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    This isn't the best strategy, but you could just walk out without officially "checking out" if you can discretely check your charges before you leave. Then your room would stay occupied until the next day when housekeeping noted the room as ready.

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