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    This is just a quick review, not a real trip report, because really, there wasn't a 'trip'. I didn't officially enter South Africa.

    - This was an one-way award ticket booked online. The system didn't show any J availability on the days I wanted, so I went F.
    - Seat 1K was available to book online. 1A was already occupied.
    - Got rung up the day prior to book a facial and a massage. I was assured that my BP would be able to pick up at the F check-in area.
    - BP and the outward and inward express cards, and the departure card were neatly presented in a F Golden folder.
    - Load was light, throughout the flight. 3/14 in F, 1A, 1K and 2K were occupied. J was largely empty. Chatted to the FA about load, she said it's probably due to time, it was very busy last week. Not sure why they didn't offer J when I booked.
    - Jammies, amenity kit, along with drinks were offered before take-off. I have been ill for a while so, unfortunately, I didn't sample any grown-up drinks.
    - Lunch was offered after take-off, and dinner just before landing. Very yummy indeed.
    - Snacks were laid out at the Gallery.
    - Staff was very good, and regularly came around to we needed anything.
    - The IFE and seat seemed out of date now. The screen was ill-caliberated so I'd to use the remote.
    - Due to favourable winds, we were 30 minutes early.
    - Overall, a long day time flight. Everything aspect was very good, the only letdowns are the seat and the IFE.

    - Long walk from the gate to the terminal, then another long walk to the transit area.
    - There's an Immigration officer to check and stamp your passport before allowing you to go the transit area.
    - I didn't have my returning BP, so I'd to find the QF desk.
    - The staff there was having a nap (literally) despite having people next to her busy working away.
    - She finally woke up, but had trouble finding my booking. I told her I requested an upgrade so my original booking may not be there. Eventually she found me and gave me my F BP.
    - Went to the SAA Cycad Lounge (their F lounge). Not very big, and have a small restaurant. Staff will come up to serve you.
    - Had a shower, with one of those ceiling shower heads, but the water was very weak and inconsistent.
    - Lounge also had free wifi, login details available from Reception.

    - All up, I'd about 2.5 hours for turnaround (including the early arrival). It may sound a lot, but after all the procedures and a shower, I only really sat down for 15 minutes before boarding began.
    - A short walk to the gate, and boarding was well underway. There's another security check at the gate.
    - Flight was very full, and there were some op-ups. 13/14 in F.
    - I was assigned 4F, but was eyeing 4K. Staff was initially not keen because they thought it'd be occupied. Eventually, after a bit of juggling, I got moved to 4K.
    - My illness was getting worse, so I literally changed into my jammies and went to sleep, and skipped dinner.
    - Despite being the first to have the bed made, I was told there weren't enough sheets.
    - As expected, due to the favourable winds on the opposite direction, this leg took about the same time but extra.
    - Staff was very attentive again, and knew I wasn't very well. They made sure my water was always topped up.
    - Breakfast was served, but the portions seemed rather small, regardless of me skipping dinner.

    So 28 1/2 hours later, I went to Africa and back.
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    Most of us are going to Fiji on our status runs and you decide to top that by going to South Africa and back on a status run, well more correctly those DONE4 ex South Africa are cheap compared to those similar tickets ex Australia, you just need to get there first. :eek:

    At least there were different cabin crew who wouldn't ask you about your turnaround.

    So how many Status Credits did you earn for your little jaunt. :)

    And think of the benefit, no jet lag. :rolleyes:
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    Nice work!

    I have done this flight probably 10 times. Never in F though :)

    Next due to do it in June... still deciding if I should tack a DONE4 on the end :D
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    Only earnt 160 SCs, but the ex-SA DONE4 ticket is about 30% cheaper than even when compared to an ex-NZ one. With the strength of the AUD, the lack of fuel fines with an AA ticket, the savings do add up. If you want to visit South Africa or have a couple of days spare, try it.

    SCs earnt = 160
    Points spent = 126000 + 35000
    Point earnt = 15404
    Cash spent out F award ticket was around AUD$220.

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