QF fires next shot in LAME/AIPA/TWU employment battle

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    Finally, after QF's unions have been pressing their case in the media and online channels; the airline has decided to provide its side of the story with a new site breaking down each union groups claims and why they refuse to accept them.

    There is a page devoted to each unions claims, and each breaks down the questions about the negotiations, demands, and responds to some of the myths each employee group has been spreading to try and get their way.

    I applaud the airline for taking these groups on at their own game, despite having until now been essentially silent in tacking the union BS being spread.

    I would however have appreciated QF proving more factual references and citations to the claims they are making. Copies of documents, relative information, and news reports linked in line that validate and support each of the allegations and factual representations made. This would assist greatly in making this site a killer communications piece that would withstand the most robust analysis.

    If, as put by QF, the claims being made by these employee groups are as high and unrealistic as explained, then these employees need to get with the program or get shown the door. They are essentially trying to prevent an airline from innovating and improving to retain any chance of being agile and profitable into the foreseeable future.

    The real kicker is their mentioning of the much lower and vastly different agreements these groups have made with other carriers. It drives home the point of how unrealistic and unreasonable these unions are being.
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