QF disruptions - Industrial action: 13 MAY 2011

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    This is an advance notice to all QF flyers that services may be impacted on 13 MAY 2011 between 0800 and 0900 in each ports local timezone.

    The disruption is due to the Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association launching protected industrial action, in relation to their ongoing statement of claims as part of Enterprise Barganing negociations with Qantas.

    According to information available, QF felt stop work or strike action was becomming a real possability on 6 MAY 2011 when they took the issue back to the Fair Work Australia tribunal.

    The airline is advising via Twitter and a press statement that contingency plans have been put in place should any potential disruptions to service being expeirenced.

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    This could just be the start of very turbulent times at Qantas, according to this morning's Australian:

    The flying kangaroo also faces the prospect of simultaneous industrial action by the Australian and International Pilots Association, which could decide this week to ballot its members on industrial action, and the Transport Workers Union.​
    "The planets do fall in line in the case of the three unions you're talking about there, and if Qantas continue along its belligerent path there's no doubt they may find themselves in dispute with three unions at once," ALAEA federal secretary Steve Purvinas said.​


    But he said the union had learnt the only way Qantas negotiated in good faith was if it had reason; and engineers were sick of seeing the industry dismantled with the closure of engine shops and the Sydney heavy maintenance facility and components nearly all maintained overseas.​

    "We're encountering the same problems as we did three years ago with Qantas continually coming to the negotiation table with nothing in hand."​

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